Supporting Value-based Care with Data.

Healthcare is increasingly reliant on data to make smarter decisions. At Decisive Data, we listen to your needs and embed intelligence into your everyday workflow. In addition to foundational data warehousing solutions, we deliver dashboards that provide insight into the health of your business. Our customers gain a comprehensive and accurate assessment of their organization, members, providers, and networks. Contact us to learn how you can leverage analytics to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

We Solve Big Healthcare Problems.
Standardization The goal of value-based care is to standardize healthcare processes through observed best practices. Data lends the required insight to understand which processes work and which don’t.
Collaboration Through our analysis, we empower Providers and Payers to work together in increasingly close collaboration. In this way, they share the risks associated with poor health and the benefits associated with good health.
Optimization As the adoption of value-based payments increases, data can help us discover opportunities to leverage provider incentives to lower the cost of care and cut down on administrative waste.
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